Chinese Jade Kwan Yin Pendant of Enlightenment

The jade Kwan Yin pendant is a true work of art, crafted with the finest jade to reflect the kindness and grace of the goddess. Wear this luxurious piece as a reminder to seek her blessings and protection daily. When things get tough, it's not just external support that matters. You need to find that inner strength to carry on. That's where the carved jade Kuan Yin comes in. Wear this little gem as a reminder to keep pushing forward, no matter what. You've got this.

This Jade Pendant Includes a Free Necklace Cord

The Chinese Jade Kwan Yin Pendant of Enlightenment includes a free black, red, green, or brown necklace cord, so you can be certain it will match your fashion style. Enter your preferred color in the comments box during checkout.

Unique Jade Pendant, Guaranteed


Item Size/Details

Width: 1 Inch
Height: 1 5/8 Inches
Jade Color: Green
Item Number: j2773
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