Every Chinese jade pendant offered on this Website includes a free necklace cord and a beautiful jewelry box. You may choose the necklace for your jade pendant from several popular colors, including red, brown, black or green. More Chinese necklace cord colors or styles may be available for your jade pendant depending on the size and style.

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About Our Chinese Jade Pendants

In China jade is an auspicious symbol of good luck with the power to ward off evil and bless the wearer with good health. All of the Chinese jade pendants listed on this site are designed to look beautiful and provide added benefits such as good luck, better health and longevity.

You may browse this site to learn more about jade and the symbolism of the pendants we offer. Our jade pendants make the best gifts because they both bless and protect the wearer. If you have questions about a specific pendant fee free to contact us for more information.

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