Chinese Jade Kuan Yin Pendant of Blessings
You see a kind loving goddess in this pendant, she is going to bless your whole life.

Since the ancient China, Kuan Yin has been admired as the goddess who can rescue people from the difficulties and disasters, and it play a same important role among the Chinese people as that of Jesus among the western people. It has become a tradition that most of the Kuan Yin has been carved with jade, for the quality and the color of the jade can better reflect Kuan Yin's kind and graceful figure.Wear the jade Kuan Yin pendant, it'll keep you away from the bad and bless you safe forever.

Unique Jade Pendant, Guaranteed


Item Size/Details

Width: 3/4 Inches
Height: 1 5/8 Inches
Jade Color: See Picture
Item Number: j1468
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